Getting to Know Us

Re-conceptualising and re-positioning Australian Library and information science education for the twenty-first century is a project founded, funded and monitored by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ATLC) to improve qualitative education Australian tertiary education level. It is an initiative of the body’s Priority Project Program. We are a body of excellent and prolific educators and specialists in Library and information science education dedicated to raising the bar in the education sector.

The project focuses on how the country would continue to produce excellent and intellectual LIS graduates sustainably while leaving trails of legacies. It ensures that graduates are trained in a professional environment resulting in great professional practice impacts in the current day world.

We aim to make lasting impacts on Australia higher education’s learning and teaching practice by creating a definite framework, and our vision is to be a globally leading institution committed to the upliftment of Australia higher education while establishing Australia as the best country offering LIS Education. This can only be achieved by improving the standard of Library and information service in the country.

The first and foremost objective of this project is to create a structure that would enable:

  • Re-structuring and reforming the Australian LIS profession to maintain its changing nature, lasting and responsive to current standards.
  • Re-examining the Australian LIS profession’s standards and its preparation and responsiveness for the dynamism of the 21st century.
  • Counter problems with solutions and recommendations
  • Creation of a feasible execution plan

It should be noted that Library and Information Science is advantageous in many ways

  • It is a key to advancing growth through access to numerous and unlimited resources
  • The Library serves all and does not discriminate thereby promoting social inclusion
  • It helps challenges the intellectual capacities of individuals

Partnering with about eleven institutions, we make sure to improve LIS education quality and ensure continual maintenance of professional conduct in the global world. These institutions are Charles Sturt University; Queensland University of Technology; Curtin University of Technology; Edith Cowan University; Monash University; RMT University; University of Canberra; University of South Australia; University of Tasmania; Victoria University and the University of Technology Sydney. We look forward to partnering with more institutions and providing more library information services.

Also, we organise a day symposium to enlighten the public on issues surrounding Library Information service in Australia and manage an information website dedicated to managing this project.

In short, this project is created for the sustainable establishment of a holistic and unified framework of the Australian Library and Information science profession. It maintains the relevance of the profession in today’s dynamic world.

The project focuses majorly on students (especially of information professions), employers of labour and higher institutions.