Project Evaluation

Actualising Sustainable Project Completion Through Evaluation

Actualising Sustainable Project Completion Through Evaluation

Every project is established with the aims and objectives of sustainable execution plans, but not all projects are successful, and not all successful projects align with the project goals. Hence, the relevance of Project evaluation cannot be over-emphasised. A project without evaluation can be likened to learning without examination or a meal without taste. Project evaluation ensures the following:

  • Determine the structure of a project
  • Effective Supervision and implementation of the project
  • Ensure effective utilisation of project resources
  • Decides the effectiveness of the outcomes
  • Determines whether the project meets the proposed goals
  • Reflect on mistakes, give and speak on corrections and improvements

Tackles an issue from a different dynamic angle

The external evaluator employed by the body is Professor Sue McKnight. Before joining Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom where she was a director at the Libraries and Knowledge Resources, she worked in Deakin University in Australia as the executive director of Learning Services and University Librarian. During this period and after, Professor Sue has garnered enough experience surrounding international Consultation and facilitation and public and special Library. Professor Sue later became the pro-chancellor of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Her job specifications as a chancellor include managing facilities and Library service and taking charge of information and communication technologies.

She is notable among her peers and a member of quite a several institutions, for instance; she is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.  She likewise joined CILIP (UK) and later, the Higher Education Academy (UK) in 2008 as a fellow. In 1999, the Australian Library and Information Association honoured her as the manager of the year. She has been an active member of the Pearson Education Strategic Advisory Board and some other three advisory boards (Desire2learn User Board; WebCT Product Advisory Board and Bloomsbury Academic Library Advisory).

Professor Sue McKnight is also a member of IFLA and actively engages in her activities. Moreover, she was appointed as the chairman of the Academic and Research Libraries Section in 2005, and her tenure runs until 2009, thereby spending four years in office. Her Eagles keep flying as she was once again selected to chair another body of people- JISC eBooks Working Party. Before her exit from the United Kingdom, she was the vice-chairman of JISC National eBooks Observatory Project.

Sue joined the Australian Library and Information Association (formerly known as ACLIS/ LAA) in 1981 and has ever since been a member. She served as a branch president under two consecutively terms in Victoria, Australia and went ahead to head the Geelong regional group as the president for two terms. She also spent four years as Chairman of ACLIS, Victoria branch. Under LAA, she was appointed as the General Councilor.

 We are delighted to have Professor Sue McKnight as our external evaluator and look forward to seeing her use her knowledge and experience to contribute to this project’s successful and effective execution.