Advocating for an Improved Library and Information Science

As part of our goals to improve the standard of Library and Information Science in Australia through a unified and holistic framework, we constantly advocate for improving the system. Partnering with about eleven institutions, we make sure to improve LIS education quality and ensure continual maintenance of professional conduct in the global world.

The importance of Library and Information Science (LIS) cannot be over-emphasised. It is a known fact that the Library is key to any research work or information access. Therefore, the Library and Information Science are advantageous in the following ways:

  • It is a key to advancing growth through access to numerous and unlimited resources
  • The Library serves all and does not discriminate thereby promoting social inclusion
  • It helps challenges the intellectual capacities of individuals

The Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ATLC) has been at the forefront of promoting LIS education and advocating for our team members, project reference group, students, recent graduates and employers. We are a body of excellent and prolific educators and specialists in Library and information science education determined to put Australia at the forefront of LIS education.

This project funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ATLC) as part of its priority programs focuses on how the country would continue to produce excellent and intellectual LIS graduates sustainably while leaving trails of legacies. It ensures that graduates are trained in a professional environment resulting in great professional practice impacts in the current day world. We aim to make lasting impacts on Australia’s learning and teaching practice by creating a definite framework.

We are also involved in creating resources out of our quest to improve Library and Information Science; one of which is the “Final Project Report” of 2011. The report concerns research results from this project and creating a structure for carrying out the project. Our resources include publications as well as conferences presentations we engaged in.

Our project is being evaluated by one of the best in the field- Professor Sue McKnight, who was once a pro-chancellor at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

We, therefore, advocate for:

  • Publicity and awareness of this project; our services as a council, facilities and events
  • Support for our project and all LIS programs
  • Implore all institutions and bodies associated with Library Information Science to link projects for best and maximum results.
  • Engagement in the use of libraries around
  • Support of libraries around you
  • Being Supportive of all LIS officials, which includes employers, graduates, students etc.

We love and encourage feedbacks and therefore, would like to receive your comments and questions regarding our project resources. This can be submitted via the feedback icon or by sending a mail to Professor Helen Partridge; the project leader via Also, you can subscribe to our mail letters or news feed on our home page. You will be notified of consequent updates on the release of new project resources.